Advantages of Elbee

The main advantage of Elbee is that it can be entered without the need of any assistance and be driven directly from the wheelchair, which means that the vehicle can be driven by the disabled people who would otherwise not drive at all. You can travel on all types of roads. An additional advantage is its unique design and the attractiveness!


Take a look at the benefits of this special vehicle for the wheelchair users and the disabled. 


  • Unassisted accesses and driving directly from the wheelchair

    Elbee is constructed with a remotely controlled front opening door and an access ramp which allows a person on a wheelchair to simply roll into the car, fix the wheelchair, close the door and drive away. Thus avoiding all the strenuous moving to the driver’s seat, cumbersome manipulation with the wheelchair and dependence on other people. 

  • Use any type of a wheelchair

    Electrical or manual wheelchair, the choice is up to you. All types of a wheelchair are suitable to be used in Elbee. Your wheelchair must comply with an ISO 7176-19 norm that approves it to be used as a substitution of a seat in a motor vehicle. 

  • Elbee is tailor-made to the individual conditions

    Contact us even if you think the degree of your disability prevents you from driving. We are able to adjust the controls, the wheelchair docking system, the access ramp and much more. Our goal is to enable all physically disabled people to travell (all that you'll need is to be a holder of a drivers licence). More information here.

  • You can easily park facing the pavement

    Elbee ensures the maximum driver comfort when parking. Simply park facing the sidewalk, open the front door and exit straight to the pavement. Other than perpendicular parking, you can also park comfortably in a row of cars parked in parallel.

  • Passenger seat is also available

    Don't travel alone! A foldable passenger seat is situated in the rear, right behind the driver. Elbee is equipped with a four-point seat belt for the driver and a three-point belt to insure maximum safety of the passengers. The vehicle can, of course, carry groceries or other luggage. 

  • With a B1 driver's license, you can drive Elbee from 16 years of age in many countries

    Are you a young person who wants to drive to school on your own as your classmates do? Not only can you drive Elbee with a type B driver's permit, but also a B1 driver's license is suitable to drive three-wheel and four-wheel motor vehicles. You can attain a B1 driver's license from 17 years of age, in some countries it is even from 16. 


  • The speed of 80 km/h allows you to travel on the highway

    With the Elbee vehicle you can travel wherever you wish to and as far as you want. It is perfect for all types of roads, and with a combustion engine, you will never be limited by a battery capacity. 

  • The fuel consumption is only 4.5 litres per 100 km

    We have, of course, also thought of economic operation. You do not need to worry about having to "reach deep into your pocket" with a consumption of 4.5 l/100 km.

  • We modify the design of the interior and exterior on request

    Choose colours and accessories to express your personality or preferences. There are no limits. If you wish, we can give you a pink bodywork with flowers or a flocked interior. We will do our best to make you happy and satisfied. More information here

  • The state contribution also covers the purchase and modification costs

    Contact us to learn more about the price of Elbee, we will have to create a unique price quotation for each customer - including all modifications for hand control the individual driver will need. We will also do our utmost to help you negotiate the highest possible benefits and get a customer friendly financing scheme. 

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