Directly from the Wheelchair

Just roll into Elbee on your wheelchair and drive, all by yourself without any help from other people.

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Customer Modifications

We adjust the design of the vehicle to different degrees of disability, so that it could be driven by almost anyone. Feel free to ask us.

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Easy Parking

Elbee allows maximum comfort when parking. You just park facing the sidewalk, open the front part of the vehicle and go to the sidewalk.

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Independence and Freedom of Movement

We know that increasing independence and mobility is extremely important for those of us who are confined to a wheelchair. That is why we have developed Elbee, a vehicle you can drive directly from your wheelchair. You will thus avoid complicated methods of entering the vehicle, folding the wheelchair into the trunk and other complications associated with the use of vehicles converted to manual control. Thanks to Elbee, even those who as yet could not drive at all or required the assistance of another person, can travel independently.


Elegant Design

During development, we have not only focused on functionality but also on the unique appearance. We believe you will like Elbee. You may even effect its design yourself. You can, for example, choose an Elbee colour combination which suits you best. We will modify the appearance of the exterior and interior according to your wishes.

Major investment projects

Major investment projects

The Elbee Mobility Company is implementing the project “Modernization and Enlargement of Technological Equipment of Elbee Mobility Inc.” in the years 2016-2017. It mainly aims to ensure sufficient, efficient and quality manufacture of products through extending and modernisation of technological equipment of the company. 

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The Vision of the Elbee Vehicle

Our goal is that everyone who cannot or does not want to move from a wheelchair to the drivers’ seat, would be independent and thus gain freedom of movement over long distances.

We do our utmost to achieve that Elbee can be driven by every wheelchair-bound person who is able to obtain a valid driver's license.

Although it is officially specified as a quad, we aim to create the most comfortable and safe vehicle possible. 

It is our passion to constantly find unique solutions to enhance the design and thus provide a vehicle which will be a hard-working helper, and at the same time a fashion accessory.

We can achieve all of this together! Contact us!

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